Alright y’all… so 2015 was kind of a slow year, performance wise, but! I did have the opportunity to do a few dope things. One of them was to be the main character in my #roomieforlife’s group’s video, No Love.

First of all, if you haven’t heard of Allied Forces? Then you’re doing it all wrong… lol. Go ahead and get their album, Kill The World, and listen to it on repeat, because it’s just that good!

Second of all, I have known these guys for like 12+ years… and they are hands down, some of the dopest people I know. Steve, (Stu Gretto) is like a brother to me, and his buddies, Drew and Trav (Tidewater Chuck), are forever in my hearts haha. We all have had so many hilarious and fun times together. Family indeed.

Lastly, Music Theory Studios is very much so family. They are a QUALITY studio, that produces QUALITY work! Not to mention, their artists are dope! Big hugs and salutes to Jazzarae, and DJ Karee!

Without further ado, here it is, the official video for No Love, which is currently at 3,766 (as of January 24th) views and counting! Yes!