What’s up everyone! Man, I really really really need to find more time to update this site lol… I’m trying! Just know that I have been HELLA busy 2016. Busy with amazing opportunities, busy with writing and working hard to memorize new stuff and there’s a bunch more things I’m forgetting… all while simultaneously trying to maintain a social life as well as, not let my 9-5 kill me with these overtime hours.

So anyways, let’s get to the piece! So, this was a really cool event. The GOAT, Jeff Hewitt asked a few of us to be apart of writing ekphrastic poetry for a gallery that came to Work Release in Norfolk, VA, called Writing Lightly. This exhibit featured work that were all made from lighting of some sort, or neon signage. I wrote a poem called “The Evolution of Communication” to piece called “Return to Hieroglyphics” which was 3 familiar emoji’s. It consisted of heart eyes, lightning bolt and the smiley face with the tongue sticking out on the side.

I felt compelled to write to this piece because, as technology evolves, we don’t communicate the same anymore. We rely on smiley faces, memes, emojis, and acronyms. We definitely hide behind our keyboards and phones. Our faces stay buried in our screens as opposed to having direct communication. We don’t live in the moment anymore. We pull out our phones to capture moments. I could go on and on, but I will say that this is sad that this is how we live now. (Don’t worry, I’m saying this to myself too because I definitely can’t stay off my phone.)

This evening was so dope tho! Very small crowd, but it was nice! Myself, Jorge Mendez and Jeff Hewitt hit the stage with some powerful poetry and it was like that! I also want to add that, I have seen Mr. Hewitt rip it down a few times before, but that night, he was on FIRE! AHHHH! Jorge and I wanted to throw our poems in the trash that night lol.

Anyways, you can check out the piece below. And as always, thanks for visiting!