I gotta keep this momentum going, y’all lol..

First, shout outs to Maddie Garcia for catching this… she always gets footage of us and that is so dope of her to do!

This was my first feature of 2015. As I mentioned in previous post, I didn’t do much performance wise in that year. I managed to stay a little bit busy tho.

This piece is actually a mashup that I started doing recently, in an attempt to keep one of my favorite hip hop pieces fresh. I first wrote What Happened back in April (or was it May?) of 2011 for the Mic Fiend Cafe. I wrote Where I Belong for a video that still hasn’t been put together but since the 2 kinda go hand in hand, I figured, why not do these 2 together?

Where I Belong, talks about my reaction to the local hip hop scene in seeing it for the first time. I wrote this sort of as a collaborative with my friend Marco. It was inspired off of his portion he wrote for the the same video project I refer to above.

What Happened, begs the question, what happened to hip hop? Since this is an older piece, and the genre has kind of revived itself since then, I don’t do this piece often. In fact, I’ll only bring it out for special events.

Much love to y’all peeping this out! If you love hip hop, I’m sure you will love this!

P.s. the original piece for What Happened can be found in this post.