Peace and blessings everybody!

So back in August, (Labor Day weekend to be exact) my good friend Neisha (aka Beautiful Dizaster) asked myself and Mr. M. Haze to star in her first ever poetry video for her poem entitled, Needle & Thread. We put in WORK!! This was Neisha’s vision brought to life by her ideas along with some input from us and a few others. There were a lot of important people involved in this, so let’s start off with the shout outs shall we??

1. Big shout outs to Eye Witness Media for the dope shots and bringing this vision to life. Y’all are an incredible team and when the time is right, I will definitely be hollering at y’all for my own videos.

2. Shout outs to Smiles from Music Theory Studios for doing an amazing job on this beat. It really brings the story to life. (Peace to Stu Gretto for mastering this track)

3. Shout outs to the MUA’s, Tracy and Rina. (Rina also makes a cameo in this video.)

4. Shout outs to the extras for the dealer scenes. Man that was smooth as hell haha

5. Shout outs to the behind the scenes camera man, Shane (Knowledge God Sense)

6. Lastly, shout outs and love to team Needle and Thread! Matt, you did an amazing job being the leading role in this! Very impressive! Neisha, this is one of my favorite pieces from you. I have always been and will continue to be a fan of your work. I’m also honored to call you my twin, and best friend.

Now without further ado… Click on this link to see the video!

You should be able to view this by tapping play on the video below. However, it is available on YouTube here for viewing on a computer, the above link is for viewing on your mobile device or iPad, or Tablet, or some sort of spaceship device you may own lol but below should work too:

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