Peace everybody! A few months back I got asked to be in the video for “Is It Love?” by Shane Dollar featuring Jesse Taylor.

This video is about a guy (Shane) who goes on this dating game show and ends up on 3 different dates. The first date is me, Goldie Digs, the gold digger, which is hilarious because it’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of how I am in real life lol. Next, is Brenda Baggage (Michelle). Third is Sharkeisha (Stephanie) lmaooo… watch what she does in this video hahaha. And last but not least, the 4th date, where he has found Destiny (Kellie, his lady in real life). Peep the video below by Blockheads Media and while you’re there, check out this one too!

I’m very honored to be apart of something that has 5,485 views (possibly more by the time I post this…) That is a lot of people that hit play on this link! I’m always humbled, thankful, and grateful for these opportunities.