I must be on a roll today… haha bc normally, I update this site all after the fact and by all after the fact, I mean adding these posts about my shows/collabs/task at hand like months later…. anywho!

I got a message from ms Keeley Jeanette about donating a track to a mixtape that she was putting together to help out her boyfriend with some stuff goin on (the stuff ain’t none of yo business! lol but naw for real, just know that it was a dope idea that came together and an act of love for sure)

Here is a summary as told by this lovely lady about how this went down:

There is a pretty cool story behind this track… When I contacted Stephanie Lask about being apart of this project I could feel her energy through the message. She said she would love to be apart of it she would do her track acapella if need be because she didn’t have any beats. I told her acapella is just fine but if she wants a beat I can make that happen. So I contact Daryl SwayeeBoogie Ely and tell him she needs a beat. He says one of my beats? I said yeah why not unless you want to throw it to Jason Brown (at this point I didn’t have a track by him I ended up with 2!!!) so that there is a representation of all members of The Professional Amateurs on the project. Swayee said I been wanting to work with Steph and I will make the beat specifically for her once I hear her track and the rest is history!

Sending huge shout outs to K. Jeanette for this dope ass collaborative and much love to Swayee Boogie for the collab on this. This came together so well, and there has been a lot of love shown for this mixtape as well as the track I did. I heart y’all! It was a beautiful thing seeing the community come together for this.

Please y’all, if you haven’t, download this mixtape, it is only $10 and you get 32 tracks of lava from some of the dopest to do it in this area.

Here is my track:

And you can download/donate here.