Hello friends!

A good friend of mine, Mr. Julius Speller asked me very last minute to do the intro on his album… and by last minute? I mean I had literally less than 24 hours LOL…

The convo went like this:

Ju: Hey luva luva , can yu pleaaaaaaase , record a lil like short flow pertaining to “living and/or livening up life” pleaaaase even if its recorded on ya phone and email it asap of so – jucity757@gmail.com

Me: hey ju! i’m gonna see what i can do but i can’t make any promises… (i know your project drops tomorrow) i’m off at 6… i’ll be home at 6:30ish… i might could pull something together before the night is over.. either way i’ll let you know… side note… why didn’t you hit me up earlier about this? lol

Ju: Cuz im an idiot , lol , yeh if yu could PLEASE , even if its mad short

Me: okay like i said… i will see what i can do… i’ll try and pull something together tonight

LOL… way to put me under pressure!!! Either way, I delivered, and gave a dope intro. This actually isn’t the full version of the piece (if you want to hear that, contact me and I’ll work something out) but at any rate… ladies and gentleman, I give you, Liven (pronounced, lih-ven) the album, and the intro by yours truly.. Enjoy! (Real dope listen too! Much love to Ju for this album!)

JuCity Liven DatPiff