I told y’all…. I’m playing catch up with these posts lol

So… I met Shyla, formally, at the event I did in March of 2014. We had seen each other at the Wet Spot erotic poetry open mic one time but we didn’t exchange names/etc. til then.

I can’t say enough great things about this woman. I am proud and honored to call her a friend, someone who is there when I need her, and vice versa. So lemme brag on my friend right quick haha.

  • She is a writer! In EVERY sense of the word. Her picture should be next to that term in the dictionary, y’all!
  • She wrote the book, Broken Promises, and a year later made a short film based off of some chapters in the book and is currently working on the full length film.

I had the honor and absolute pleasure to speak at this film premier alongside of Godchild, Jay Poetry and a poetess from Charlotte, Pricilla who killllllled it! Everyone did an amazing job and I just want to add, that this was my FIRST paid feature. I told Shyla, that I’ll still be talkin about how dope this event was when I’m 90 haha.

I’m excited to see my friend’s accomplishments blossom. I’m excited that she has me and my poetry twin, Neisha included in a few things she has coming up too! Stay tuned y’all!

Check out this dope recap of the night that has some video of Pricilla and Godchild!