Hey y’all!!!! Boy do I have tons to fill you in on???? Welp, as many of you know… I stayyyyyyy busy…. like…. I never really sit still long enough to just enjoy the peace that comes along with being lazy lol… Now… don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my lazy days, but they are usually accompanied with prepping for a feature, designing, cooking, cleaning, etc. So anywhoser’s, a while ago, my childhood friend Josh Jackson, put together a compilation called Virginia Voices, and he asked me to be apart of it which I was truly honored to do so. There are snippets of the piece I did for Diversification (the mixtape) called Wordsmith sprinkled throughout this video, and it’s also parallel on how I got into doing spoken word in this area. Shout outs to Marco and Godchild who I mentioned in this video! There were some other parts that got cut from this interview but I also wanted to shout out Music Theory Studios’ very own, Jazzarae, bc without me and my roomie for life, Nikki ending up at that weekly event, I may have never gotten to this point in my Spoken Word journey… much love to y’all!