Happy new year y’all! So as you know, I’m apart of a group called Parks and Wrecks (and wrecks and wrecks and wrecks) and we are going to be releasing videos of our pieces/songs. So I decided to pick Hip Hop Love Story as my piece to shoot a video for. Mrs. RPG got me all made up for the camera, and we were up until 2 AM getting this filmed. Something we like to call, “2 A-M She-nan-i-gans” (you have to say it like you’re singing it lol).

This is my favorite piece to do with the group. Also, this is one of my favorite Mary J. Blidge songs. When I was thinking of music for this particular piece, I really wanted Rina singing and playing her version of this song with it. It just blends so perfectly, and I can’t thank her enough for singing and playing her heart out on this. Also, a very big thank you to Zernan Garcia for shooting and editing this video. He set up a few different cameras to get all the angles he needed and this came out so dope! Thank you to the Garcia’s for being awesome in general. I love y’all!

Without further ado, here is Hip Hop Love Story written by yours truly, and vocals/guitar by RPG!