Guess who’s bizzack??

So.. as many of you know… I took a mean ass vacay from everything this summer… LOL… I didn’t do shit but hang out on the beach with friends and cool out with fam in group outings.. this summer was amazing!

Welp… I got to perform at NSU’s first annual, Def Poetry Jam with my twin, Neisha AKA Beautiful Dizaster and my homie, Godchild The Omen. What a way to come up off of a hiatus! First and foremost, Norfolk State is my alma mater (I graduated in 05) and second of all, I have been saying that I want to perform at more colleges. Third of all, the audience and energy was amazing! Lastly, we killed that shit!

When we walked in, there was no one in this auditorium at all except the performers. But that didn’t stop us, we don’t care how many people are there. It could be 3 people, or 300 hundred people. Well… before the show started, the doors were locked, but when it got started… the lights went down, and the doors opened, and a few hundred students started pouring in to see this event.

You wanna talk about nervous??? Shiet! Right before I went up, I had to stand up so that my heart would calm down lol…

Godchild went first and rocked that shit… and then it was me in the middle and rocked that shit… and Neisha closed it out and shut it down.

If you look up the hashtag #nsudef some of the comments on Twitter were friggin hilarious!! The tweet of the night to me goes to this guy…. lmaooo

Well… needless to say, we did work! I really hope we get asked to come back to rip up those microphones again… man that was such an amazing experience!

I know I have this piece posted somewhere on my site, but this was the second joint I did (Can’t Write About This). Enjoy!