Whatappp everyone! So… I want to take this time, to show love to one of the greats in this area, Godchild The Omen. If you do poetry in the 757 then you know EXACTLY who this man is. Seriously, a legend! And, one of the nicest people you will meet.

I met GC back in 2010 at a spot called Soulicious Cafe (which is now closed). He came out to perform at an event Romanta Allen had every Thursday called, Strawberry Thursdays. I came out to perform too, but at this time, I was only reading from my book. I hadn’t even thought about attempting to memorize my pieces (yet). Plus I was soooo brand new to the scene. Honestly, I didn’t know open mics existed until my good friend, Jazzarae (lyricist, emcee, fashion designer and owner of Music Theory Studios) put together an open mic called Words of Wisdom Wednesdays at Soulicious Cafe. This place would be the home of where it started for me.

I’m super honored to know this guy and to call him a friend. He is the James Brown (as he likes to call me too lol) of the 757. A very busy man. He’s one of the coaches for the Hampton Roads Youth Poets. He’s a host at the longest running open mic in the Hampton Roads area called, Fuzzy Wednesdays. He’s got a new spot he hosts called Spoken @ Spades. He’s hosted a slew, a plethora, a smorgasbord, a gaggle, a pride, a collection, a.. ahh well you get the point.. of many other places. A phenomenal poet, a battle rapper, a wordsmith, a lyricist, a friend to many, the man behind the myth, and a role model to many! Haha… I could go on and on, but you can definitely see that he’s an overall awesome individual lol. He’s most certainly what I like to call a hometown hero and I wish him nothing but the best in his journey of Spoken Word. He’s a staple to the 757 and beyond. Anywhere he’s at, and there’s a mic? Prepared to be amazed.

Check out this video from The Scene, outlining where he started, his inspirations, where he’s at and where he’s going.

(Plus, you can see me in this video making funny faces lol).