Hey Y’all!

I must be on a damn roll right now with these updates! LOL… anywhosers… a good friend of mine asked if Parks and Wrecks could accompany him with an intro piece for a song called For the People. My friend goes by Manolo, and his friend goes by Hitman. Since all 5 of us from Parks & Wrecks weren’t available to do this, myself and RPG stepped up to the plate. I decided my piece, Forgotten Times would work best for the intro, although, I really wanted to write something different for this. I also feel like I could have delivered this piece a lot better than I did, but to be fair, I have off days … but nonetheless, I was honored he asked us to do this with him and his partner. Without further ado, here is Hitman & Manolo X Steph Love & RPG – For the People!

Shout outs to Shane S. for the video!

ps: as I’m typing this, I’m wearing the For The People shirt Manolo gave to me #support! #okbye