Back on March 9, 2012 (coincidentally enough, that’s the day Biggie Smalls died, RIP B.I.G) I got asked to be one of the 3 spoken word artists for an art show! Why was I so hyped about doing this aside from the fact that I got to speak at an art show?? Because I got to speak along side 2 people I look up to. Marco Mercado (host of Last Tuesdays) and Godchild The Omen (host of Fuzzy Wednesdays) are veterans when it comes to spoken word and I look up to them so much! Marco is one of the main reasons why I do what I do today. If it wasn’t for him pushing me to memorize my poems, then I wouldn’t be anything in poetry that I am today. I salute you sir! Thank you for believing in me when you saw that I was just reading off the paper! Here is the video from that night, I think there may be a stutter here or there, but, hey, it happens!