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First and foremost, shout outs to KGS for the photo and shout outs to Maddie Garcia for the video. Much love and respect to the House of Consciousness, Poetic Consciousness, Some Queens of Poetry hosts, Tonie and James. And many hugs loves and kisses to my ladies that featured with me that evening. #Salute!

This is a piece I wrote after Whitney Houston passed away. What triggered this was the fact that, people still had awful things to say about her, even after she passed. Bringing up her demons, etc. I also mention Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse in this piece as well. I told myself after I wrote this piece, that I would leave socialite sites alone. I can’t say that I have because I read a lot of Complex news. But what I will say is that, I have no envy of these people who are famous. I couldn’t live that sort of life. I recently watched the Amy documentary, and one part that stood out to me was the last thing she said to her manager before she died. She said, “I would give it all up, if I could walk down that street again”.

People love gossip, they love train wrecks, they love drama, they love conflict, basically anything that is “eye catching”. What I don’t understand is the need to constantly be in other people’s business. Celebrities are just like us, except for, they can’t go to the store for toilet paper. They can’t hit up McDonald’s for that big mac. They can’t even take their kids to the park without being followed by paparazzi. Imagine if paparazzi didn’t cater to only famous people, and they followed regular people like you and I around. Disrespectfully, documenting your life, and for those images to end up on a blog site or a news site somewhere with a caption that is completely false. It’s sickening honestly. I applaud the celebrities that can keep those cameras out of their personal life because I know it can’t be easy.

I say all of this to say, respect the privacy of others. If they wanted you to know something, they would tell you. Also, be kind to one another. You don’t know what that person is going through and you wouldn’t want to be treated in a way if you were going through hardships.